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CBC funded Awards

The CBC seeks to stimulate collaboration among scientists at Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago that will transform research at the frontiers of biomedicine. CBC funding opportunities have enabled our three member institutions to create a novel and innovative collaborative effort, linking researchers, resources, and facilities to enable fundamental breakthroughs in scientific understanding. Catalyst, Spark and Lever RFAs welcome broad participation among scientists at our three member institutions. To learn more about previous awards, please visit the links below.



» 2015 Spring Round
» 2014 Fall Round
» 2014 Spring Round



» 2015 Spring Round
» 2014 Fall Round
» 2014 Spring Round
» 2013 Fall Round
» 2013 Spring Round



2015 Fall Round

PI(s): Yuan He (NU), Joseph Piccirilli and Jonathan Staley (UChicago) for project:
Towards the Visualization of Spliceosomal Intermediates

PI(s): Howard Shuman (UChicago) and Heather Pinkett (NU) for project:
Spatiotemporal Control of Protein Function: Ligand Activation of TEV Protease

PI(s): Hyunyoung Jeong (UIC) and Eugene Chang (UChicago) for project:
Role of Gut Microbiota in Determining Drug Efficacy and Toxicity

PI(s): Jason MacLean and Stephanie Palmer (UChicago) and David Schwab (NU) for project:
Reading the cortical code for natural motion

PI(s): Christopher Gomez (UChicago) and Jeffrey Savas (NU) for project:
Overlapping cistrons within mammalian mRNAs

PI(s): Raymond Roos (UChicago) and Brian Kay (UIC) for project:
Darpins: A New Generation of Protein Therapeutics in Neurodegenerative Diseases


2015 Spring Round

PI(s): Jason Brickner (NU) and Alexander Ruthenburg (UChicago) for project:
Biochemical Reconstruction of Epigenetic Transcriptional Memory

PI(s): Hao F. Zhang and Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy (NU), and Patrick La Riviere (UChicago) for project:
Deep Brain Super-Resolution Imaging of Neuronal Architechture

PI(s): Bryan Dickinson (UChicago) and David Gius (NU) for project:
Fluorescent Probes for Live-Cell Imaging of Sirtuin Activity: Applications to Breast Cancer


2014 Fall Round

PI(s): Fotini Gounari (UChicago) and Brad Merrill (UIC) for project:
Mapping the Regulation of Wnt Signaling with β-Cat-eleon: A Fluorescent β-catenin “timer”

PI(s): Michael Caffrey and Arnon Lavie (UIC), and Balaji Manicassamy (UChicago) for project:
Role of Dynamics in the Structure and Function of Intrinsically Metastable Proteins

PI(s): Jonna Frasor and Terry Moore (UIC), and Geoffrey Greene (UChicago) for project:
Photoaffinity-based Protein Profiling Approach to Discover Estrogen Receptor/ Coactivator Inhibitors

PI(s): Michael Walsh (UIC) and Aliya Husain (UChicago) for project:
Label-free Chemical Imaging: Early Detection of Heart Transplant Rejection

PI(s): Peng Ji (NU) and Amittha Wickrema (UChicago) for project:
Nuclear Opening and Histone Release in Mammalian Terminal Erythropoiesis

PI(s): Brian Murphy and Rachel Poretsky (UIC), and George Wells (NU) for project:
Co-occurance and Implications of Antibiotic Production and Resistance Genes in the Environment


2014 Spring Round

PI(s): Erik Andersen (NU) and Ilya Ruvinsky (UChicago) for project:
Uncovering 'Missing Heritability' in Any Experimentally Tractable Model Organism

PI(s): Zhijian Qian (UIC) and Wei Du (UChicago) for project:
Control of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion by Inhibition of Axin Polymerization

PI(s): Norbert Scherer (UChicago) and Oliver Cossairt (NU) for project:
Development of a 3D Snapshot Holographic Microscope for Volumetric Live Cell Imaging

PI(s): Mark Mandel (NU) and Nancy Freitag (UIC) for project:
Klebsiella Pneumoniae Pathogenesis in Immunocompetent and Immunosuppressed Hosts


2013 Fall Round

PI(s): Russell R. Reid and Tong-Chuan He (UChicago), and Guillermo Ameer (NU) for project:
Craniofacial Tissue Engineering with Citric-Acid Based Nanocomposite Scaffolds

PI(s): Tao Pan and Marsha Rosner (UChicago), and Hidayatullah G. Munshi (NU) for project:
Extra-translational Function of Transfer RNA as Regulators of Cellular Processes

PI(s): Phoebe A. Rice (UChicago) and H. Steven Seifert (NU) for project:
Structural Basis for RecA Filament Nucleation by the Neisseria PilE G Quadruplex Motif

PI(s): Lee Miller (NU) and Sliman Bensmaia (UChicago) for project:
Probing Somatosensory Representations in the Brainstem of Awake Monkeys

PI(s): Michael J. Federle (UIC) and Matthew Tirrell (UChicago) for project:
Immunotherapy-Mediated Interference of Bacterial Quorum Sensing

PI(s): Godfrey S. Getz (UChicago) and Edward Thorp (NU) for project:
ApoA-I Mediated Regulation of Inflammation and Heart Repair after Heart Attack


2013 Spring Round

PI(s): Stephen J. Kron (UChicago) and Preston T. Snee (UIC) for project:
Radiation-guided delivery of quantum dot theranostic nanoparticles

PI(s): Andrei Karginov (UIC) and Michael Glotzer (UChicago) for project:
An “And-Gate” for Optogenetic Control Of Protein Kinases

PI(s): Michael Jewett (NU) and Jared Lewis (UChicago) for project:
Engineering Prokaryotic Translation for Artificial Metalloenzyme Production

PI(s): Robert Daum (UChicago) and Michael E. Johnson (UIC) for project:
A Novel Antimicrobial Strategy Against Methicillin-Resistant S Aureus (MRSA)

PI(s): Jie Liang and Amy Kenter (UIC), and John Marko (NU) for project:
Characterizing in Vivo Chromatin Folding Landscape of IgH locus on Chromosome 12

PI(s): Thomas Gajewski and Haochu Huang (UChicago), and Xiaozhong Wang (NU) for project:
Identifying Immune Evasion Mechanisms in Tumors Via a Genome-Wide shRNA Screen


2012 Fall Round

PI(s): Q. Tian Wang (UIC) and Hans-Georg Simon (NU) for project:
Proteomic Characterization of Epicardial-Myocardial Signaling and Regenerative Activity

PI(s): Bruce Lahn (UChicago) and John Crispino (NU) for project:
Dissecting cis versus trans regulation of gene expression using in vitro transcription

PI(s): Primal de Lanerolle (UIC) and Steven T. Kosak (NU) for project:
Nuclear Actin and Genome Organization


2012 Spring Round

PI(s): John P. O'Bryan (UIC) and Shohei Koide (UChicago) for project:
Development of novel affinity reagents to monitor different activation states of Ras GTPases in cells

PI(s): Geoffrey Kansas (NU) and Ravi Salgia (UChicago) for project:
Common bone marrow homing pathways for HSC and SCLC stem cells

PI(s): Richard Longnecker (NU), Lijun Rong (UIC) and Bernard Roizman, ScD (UChicago) for project:
Genome Wide siRNA Screen for Host Factors Required for Human Herpesvirus (HHV) Latency

PI(s): Brian Kay (UIC), Eric Weiss and Milan Mrksich (NU) for project:
Genome-scale identification of protein docking interactions


2011 Fall Round

PI(s): Alan Leff (UChicago) and Terry Vanden Hoek (UIC) for project:
Design and Delivery of TAT Fusion Proteins for CPR

PI(s): Chuan He (UChicago) and Jung-Hyun Min (UIC) for project:
Capturing Kinetically Labile Protein Assemblies on DNA

PI(s): David Eddington and Jalees Rehman (UIC), and Navdeep Chandel (NU) for project:
Oxygen Sensing in Endothelial Progenitor Cells

PI(s): Lucia Rothman-Denes and Douglas Bishop (UChicago), Konrad Kording and Keith Tyo (NU) for project:
A Molecular Chart Recorder


2011 Spring Round

PI(s): Jun Yin (UChicago) and Hiroaki Kiyokawa (NU) for project:
Identify Cell Cycle-Regulatory Substrates Ubiquitinated by the Apoptosis Inhibitor BRUCE

PI(s): Adilson Motter (NU) and Sean Crosson (UChicago) for the project:
An approach to identify drug targets that select against antibiotic resistance


2010 Fall Round

PI(s): Amittha Wickrema (UChicago) and Hongmei Jiang (NU) for project:
Uncovering Early Genetic Aberrations in Myelodysplastic Syndromes

PI(s): Steven T. Rosen (NU) and Fotini Gounari (UChicago) for project:
The Molecular Basis of Genomic Instability: A Genome Wide Approach


2010 Spring Round

PI(s): Aaron Turkewitz (UChicago) and Scott Brady (UIC) for project:
Critical Components in Regulated Secretion

PI(s): Richard Ye (UIC) and Neil Kelleher (NU) for project:
Phosphoproteomic analysis of NADPH oxidase activation

PI(s): Wonhwa Cho and Daesung Lee (UIC), and Seth Corey (NU) for project:
In situ Imaging of Lipid Signaling Networks


2009 Fall Round

PI(s): Serdar Bulun (NU), Jonna Frasor and Yang Dai (UIC) for project:
A Systems Biology Understanding of Estrogen Receptor Action

PI(s): Alexander Minella (NU), Marsha Rosner and Robert Rosner (UChicago) for project:
Cell Cycle Regulatory Networks: An Integrative Approach

PI(s): Lonnie Shea (NU) and Deborah Tonetti (UIC) for project: A High throughput signaling pathway analysis during cellular organization into structures


2009 Spring Round

PI(s): Michael Glotzer and Tobin Sosnick (UChicago), and Eric Weiss (NU) for project:
Genetically Encoded Control of Protein Function with Light

PI(s): Sergey Kozmin (UChicago) and Paul Schumacker (NU) for project:
New Molecular Tools to Study Cancer Metabolic Reprogramming

PI(s): Chuan He (UChicago) and Scott Franzblau (UIC) for project:
Virulence and Latency Regulation in M. tuberculosis


2008 Fall Round

PI(s): Sangram Sisodia (UChicago) and Robert Vassar (NU) for project:
Investigating the in vivo Interactomes of BACE1 and APP

PI(s): Stephen Kron and Stephen Kent (UChicago), and Brian Kay (UIC) for project:
Proteolysis-inducing Peptides as Tools for Chemical Genetics


2008 Spring Round

PI(s): Bruce T. Lahn (UChicago) and John A. Kessler (NU) for project:
Testing the ‘Occlusis’ Model of Cell Fate Restriction


2007 Fall Round

PI(s): Wonhwa Cho and Hui Lu (UIC), and Eduardo Perozo (UChicago) for project:
Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Cellular Protein Networks on Membranes

PI(s): E. McNally (UChicago), P. Schumacker and H. Ardehali (NU), and R. J. Solaro (UIC) for project:
Proteomic Analysis of Mitochondrial and Sarcomeric Proteins in Cardiomyopathy

PI(s): Lawrence Miller (UIC) and Jerrold Turner (UChicago) for project:
Multiplexed Imaging of Transient Molecular Complex Dynamics in vivo

PI(s): Harinder Singh and Aaron Dinner (UChicago), and John Crispino (NU) for project:
Gene Regulatory Networks Directing Hematopoietic Cellular Fates


2007 Spring Round

PI(s): Erik J. Sontheimer (NU), Jonathan P. Staley and Manyuan Long (UChicago) for project:
Gene Regulation by Natural Antisense RNAs in Yeast

PI(s): Joseph Bass (NU), Graeme I. Bell (UChicago) and Nissim Hay (UIC) for project:
Chicago Consortium in Diabetes and Obesity Genetics


2006 Fall Round

PI(s): Philippe Cluzel (UChicago) and John F. Marko (NU) for project:
Systems Analysis of Chromosome Dynamics in Single Bacteria


2006 Spring Round

PI(s): Wen-Hsiung Li (UChicago) and Peter C. Nelson (UIC) for project:
Advanced System for Comparative Analysis of Metabolism

PI(s): Alfonso Mondragon (NU) and Tao Pan (UChicago) for project:
Epigenetics of RNA: a systems approach

PI(s): Martha C. Bohn (NU), Raymond Roos (UChicago) and Scott Brady (UIC) for project:
Viral Vector Translational Resource Center

PI(s): Richard I. Carthew and San Ming Wang (NU), and Chung-I Wu (UChicago) for project:
Functions and Evolution of micro-RNAs

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Spark Award Program ran from 2008 until August 2011. The Program focused on mid-sized collaborative projects of exceptional creativity. Past CBC Spark Awards are listed below:

August 2011
PI(s): Nissim Hay, UIC; Joseph Bass, NU; Graeme Bell, UChicago; Louis Philipson, UChicago;
Leptin peptide in diabetes: from mechanism to therapeutics

September 2009
PI(s): Anthony Kossiakoff, PhD, UChicago; Vladimir Gelfand, PhD, NU; Charles Clevenger, PhD, NU;
Delivery of synthetic antibodies to probe cell dynamics in live cells

June 2009
PI(s): Thomas O'Halloran, PhD, NU; Jonathan Silverstein, MD, UChicago; Vinayak Dravid, PhD, NU;
Support for An Innovative CryoSTEM for Element Specific Imaging of Cells and Tissue

March 2009
PI(s): Martin Kreitman, PhD, UChicago; Ilya Ruvinsky, PhD, UChicago; Richard Morimoto, PhD, NU;
The Role of Natural Variation and Proteostasis in Complex Disease Traits

January 2009
PI(s): Erik Sontheimer, PhD, NU; Alexander Mankin, PhD, UIC; Jonathan Staley, PhD, UChicago;
Noncoding RNA Structure, Function, and Evolution

January 2009
PI(s): Keith Thulborn, PhD, UIC; Thomas Meade, PhD, NU; Y. Jeong, PhD, UIC;
Metabolic MR Imaging for Studies of Human Brain Disease

November 2008
PI(s): Robert Goldman, NU; Jonathan Widom, NU; Stephen Kron, UChicago; Harindar Sighn, UChicago; Elizabeth McNally, UChicago;
The Chicago Laminome Project

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May 2015
PI(s): Vadim Backman (NU), Lucy Godley (UChicago) and Jack Kaplan (UIC) for project:
Chicago Center for Physical Science-Oncology Innovation and Translation

May 2012
PI(s): Anthony Kossiakoff and Geoffrey Greene (UChicago), Brian Kay (UIC), and Jason Brickner (NU) for project:
Center for Production of Affinity Reagents for Human Transcription Factors: Chicago Synthetic Antibody Pipeline

May 2012
PI(s): Andrey Rzhetsky (UChicago), Edwin Cook (UIC), and Richard Morimoto (NU) for project:
Silvio O. Conte Center on the Computational Systems Genomics of Psychiatric Disorders

October 2010
PI(s): Chad Mirkin and Milan Mrksich (NU), David Eddington (UIC) and Joel Collier (UChicago) for project:
Nanomaterials for Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics

January 2009
PI(s): Sergey Kozmin (UChicago), Karl Scheidt (NU) and Jie Liang (UIC) for project:
Chicago Tri-Institutional Center of Excellence in Chemical Methodologies & Library Development

July 2008
PI(s): Kevin White (UChicago), Robert Grossman (UChicago; at UIC at the time of the award), Richard Morimoto and Luis Amaral (NU) for project:
Chicago Center for Systems Biology


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