The mission of the Chicago Biomedical Consortium is to stimulate collaboration among scientists at Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago that will transform research at the frontiers of biomedicine.


Save the date:
13th Annual CBC Symposium

October 23, 2015
The Unseen Majority: Microbes in Health and Disease

Upcoming Summer/Fall 2015 Application Deadlines

» Exploratory Workshops Program:
   June 6 and September 5 (see RFA)

» Postdoctoral Research Grant Program:
   LOI - July 1, Proposal - July 22 (see RFA)

» Catalyst Award Program:
   August 26 (see RFA)

» HTS Supplemental Grant Program:
   November 11 (see RFA)


Calling all Healthcare Technology Innovators, Pioneers and Disruptors

MATTER, the soon-to-open healthcare technology innovation hub is now accepting applications for its first members to join the community in early 2015. Collaborate, Connect And Create new products that impact patient lives.
Learn more at http://www.matterchicago.com today.

Chicago Synthetic Antibody Pipeline open for business

Supported by a CBC Lever Award, the Chicago Synthetic Antibody Pipeline (CSAP) is now open to the CBC community. CSAP is a high throughput pipeline designed to produce the next generation of affinity reagents: customized synthetic antibodies (sABs). CBC researchers can nominate protein antigens as targets for sAB generation using existing technology and/or apply for Pilot Projects that will focus on developing ways to extend the applications of the sAB technology.
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Globus Genomics for Core Labs

Globus Genomics is an end-to-end data management and large scale analysis service that addresses the challenges that researchers face when dealing with NGS analysis on a large scale. It combines state-of-the-art algorithms with sophisticated data management tools, a powerful graphical workflow environment, and a cloud-based elastic computational infrastructure. Globus Genomics is software-as-a-service, delivered as a monthly subscription with the appropriate level of resources to meet your specific needs. Globus Genomics is being used by over a dozen informatics cores, research groups at various universities. For a limited period, we are offering Globus Genomics for free for a month to qualified researchers in the CBC. Please contact or for more information.
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“On the Table” Lunch hosted by the Chicago Biomedical Consortium

May 14, 2015
“On the Table” was a series of community conversations marking the kick-off of The Chicago Community Trust’s Centennial year on May 12.  The CBC was delighted to host an “On the Table” luncheon to celebrate the outstanding philanthropic support provided by the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust.  The luncheon was also an opportunity to discuss the state of the biomedical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries in the region, and collaborative ways to keep these industries resilient.
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Synaptic Membrane Nanodiscs May Help Find Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics

May 8, 2015
Congratulations to William Klein of NU for his recent publication in PLoS One: “Nanoscale Synaptic Membrane Mimetic Allows Unbiased High Throughput Screen that Targets Binding Sites for Alzheimer’s-Associated Aβ Oligomers.” Using a High Throughput Screening (HTS) facility at NU, Klein and colleagues developed a cell-free system consisting of a library of synaptic proteins individually embedded in nanoscale lipid bilayers (Nanodiscs). Nanodiscs proved successful in a pilot HTS screen for small molecule inhibitors of amyloid β oligomer (AβO) binding. This novel technique appears promising for future large-scale HTS screens for membrane protein targets, including potential Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics. The publication is attributed to a CBC HTS Supplemental Grant awarded to Klein in June 2013.
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CIMposium Number 3 Held at UIC

April 30, 2015
The third in the series of four Chicago Innovation Mentors (CIM) CIMposia planned for 2014-2015 was held at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Medicine on April 27, 2015. The meeting was held in the recently remodeled College of Medicine Learning Center Auditorium located in the West Tower Building. The third CIMposium, similarly to the first and the second sessions, focused on FDA regulatory issues with an emphasis on pre-clinical and clinical development.
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