Affinity Groups

The CBC Affinity Groups are cross-institutional communities centered around specific topics, which promote collaborative exploration of the community’s delineated key scientific questions. Based on Team Science concepts, the Affinity Group will engender collaborations which the community funds through inter-institutional $250,000 awards.


Oncology Affinity Group (2024)
▸ Details and schedule to come soon!


Neuroscience Affinity Group (2023)
▸ Award Process & Overview
▸ Awardees

  • PIs: Rui Gao (UIC) and Kaiwen Kam (RFUM) for the project:
    Connectomic reconstruction of a hindbrain neural circuit controlling breathing across the lifespan
  • PIs: Sarah Lutz (UIC) and Brian Popko (NU) for the project:
    Blood-brain barrier dysfunction in vascular dementia
  • PIs: Ruth Anne Eatock (UChicago) and Anna Lysakowski (UIC) for the project:
    Visualizing evoked activity in vestibular inner ear and afferent projections to brain


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