Postdoctoral Award

Updated: October 19, 2016

This program has been closed. No applications are accepted at this time.

Key Dates for 2016:

The program will offer awards twice each year. Applicants are required to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) prior to submission of an actual application. LOI and proposal submission close at 5PM on the day listed for each submission round.

Application Round LOI Submission Proposal Submission Expected Decision Anticipated Start Date
Winter 2016
Jan. 25, 2016
Jan. 29, 2016
Feb. 08, 2016
Feb. 12, 2016
Apr. 22, 2016
Jun. 1, 2016

Request for Applications:

Rich with new ideas and energy, postdoctoral fellows in the CBC laboratories are eager to solve important scientific questions.  They are often the innovators of the future and are ready to bring new technologies to existing biomedical research problems that open up new areas of investigation. This initiative, the CBC Postdoctoral Research Grant Program, will provide funding to postdoctoral fellows for research carried out under the supervision of the postdoctoral fellow’s faculty mentor/advisor in core research facilities at the CBC universities.  The technology provided by the core facility MUST be NEW to the postdoctoral fellow’s faculty mentor’s laboratory. This program is not intended to support the applicant’s research activities that are already ongoing in a core facility. This program aims to benefit both the postdoctoral fellow and his/her faculty mentor/advisor by introducing new technologies, expanding the research focus, and yielding publications and data for new innovative research proposals.


▸ Funded Postdoctoral Awards