The mission of the Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC) is to stimulate collaboration among scientists at Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, the University of Illinois Chicago and others to accelerate discovery that will transform biomedical research and improve the health of humankind.

The CBC gratefully acknowledges support from the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust.

▸ RFA: Accelerator Award

Updated: April 7, 2022
Accelerator Award is a milestone-driven award program (up to $250,000) focused on translational research toward therapeutics or associated biomarkers and diagnostics.

The Accelerator Award Letter of Intent (LOI) submission portal is now OPEN; LOI submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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▸ RFA: Entrepreneurial Fellows Award

Updated: March 1, 2022
The CBC Entrepreneurial Fellows (EF) Award program identifies and supports the professional development of academic researchers who are keen to develop the skills and experiences needed to move translational projects from a university lab toward commercialization and potentially into a Chicago-based biotech start-up. The program exposes Fellows to a breadth of real-world experiences across the CBC institutions in the Chicago biomedical community.

Meet the 2022 inaugural class of CBC Entrepreneurial Fellows here!

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▸ RFA: Catalyst Award

Updated: January 13, 2022
Catalysts are one-time incentive awards (up to $250,000), focused on basic biological/ biomedical research with transformative potential, made to collaborative teams with principals and other strong representation from at least two of the CBC institutions.

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Today we’re hosting with @CHIentist our “Science Communication for Targeted Audiences” featuring @AndrewScarpelli, @Namratha_Sastry, and @growlette as our panelists. Kudos to @eleonora_gatta for moderating! #PostdocLife #PhDLife #ScienceCommunication #AcademicTwitter

Joanna Rowell, a CBC Scholar alumni, shares her experience with @AMICULUM_USA @CHIentist #MedComms Day! Great event to learn about #sciencecommunication!

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@bsdpostdoc @gemssa_uic @thisisUIC #careers #networking #Chicago #CBCScholars

CHIentist @CHIentist

Meet ​Dr. Joanna Rowell, one of our panelists ​at​ our upcoming #medcomms day event on June 21st!!​
Joanna is Scientific Lead at @AMICULUM_USA and has been working in medical communications since 2013.
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A CBC Scholar alumni, @AndrewScarpelli, @CHIentist #MedCommsDay! Great event to learn more about #sciencecommunication!

@UICPostdoc @AMICULUM_global @NUPostdocs
@bsdpostdoc @gemssa_uic @thisisUIC #careers #networking #Chicago #science #CBCScholars

CHIentist @CHIentist

Meet Andy Scarpelli, one of our panelists for our upcoming #medcomms day event on June 21st! Andy briefly worked in science journalism and currently teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He's also president and cofounder of @ChiTownBio

Congratulations to Dr. Chuan He, recipient of the 2022 @UChicago Faculty Awards for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and #Mentoring! Dr. He’s lab is known for its liveliness and diversity. Dr. He has also been a recipient of multiple CBC Awards.

#distiguishedprofessor #chemistry

The University of Chicago @UChicago

Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentoring:

Chuan He
John T. Wilson Distinguished Service Professor of Chemistry

Congratulations to the 25 recently honored @NUFeinbergMed faculty, including Dr. Karla Satchell, the newly appointed Anne Stewart Youmans Prof of Microbiology! Dr. Satchell is an active member of the CBC community and a recent Accelerator yr2 awardee!

@microProfMom #Microbiology

Mesulam Center at Northwestern @NUMesulamCenter

On May 24, @NUFeinbergMed celebrated 25 faculty, including Emily Rogalski, MD, recently appointed with endowed professorships during a group investiture ceremony at The Peninsula Hotel in downtown Chicago. Read more about the event:

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News  I  March 3, 2022

▸ Chicago Innovators: A four-person cohort may seed the biotech industry in Chicago

CBC Executive Director Michelle B. Hoffmann speaks with Sasha-Ann Simons on WBEZ’s Reset on how the CBC Entrepreneurial Fellows will help ignite our explosive life sciences ecosystem.

Click on the red “listen” button at the beginning of the article to hear the full podcast!

News  I  March 1, 2022

▸ The Chicago Biomedical Consortium Names Inaugural Class of CBC Entrepreneurial Fellows

CBC Entrepreneurial Fellows program aims to inspire and coach promising local biomedical talent and support the growing life science industry in Chicagoland.

Please see HERE for the Crain’s Chicago Business coverage!

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Posted: June 15, 2022
Job Opportunity: Research Assistant Professor – Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology
UIC Center for CardioVascular Research (CCVR)
The Center for CardioVascular Research (CCVR) at the University of Illinois (UIC) College of Medicine is seeking candidates with a strong scientific background and managerial experience to help coordinate the development, implementation, and dissemination of all research programs of the Center. A major emphasis of the program is growing the portfolio of collaborative, high-impact research programs.

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