Meet the Scholars

Updated: June 12, 2015

Jackson J. Cone

Jackson J. Cone

CBC Scholar: Class of 2012
PhD Candidate, Program in Neurosciences, UIC
Advisor: Mitchell Roitman




Obesity is rampant due in large part to the availability of densely caloric, highly palatable foods which engage areas of the brain classically thought of as reward circuitry. Activation of this circuitry, and in particular increases in dopamine within the nucleus accumbens, is thought to promote food-seeking even in the absence of caloric need. My work investigates the link between peripheral signals that have been traditionally viewed as homeostatic regulators of food intake and their interactions with dopamine neurons during food-seeking behaviors. To accomplish this, I measure fluctuations of dopamine within the nucleus accumbens with sub-second temporal resolution. In so doing, I can relate increases in dopamine to specific behavioral events and quantify how they are modulated by peptide hormones that signal energy status. Sucrose pellets are delivered to rats with variable inter-pellet intervals. Each pellet evokes a brief dopamine spike, lasting just seconds, in the nucleus accumbens. If a cue predicts the delivery of the sucrose pellet, dopamine release shifts to the onset of the cue. My initial study demonstrated that the peripheral hormone ghrelin, which regulates feeding behavior, dynamically influences the response of dopamine to food rewards as well as environmental cues that trigger food-seeking behaviors. Our data demonstrate that in addition to affecting homeostatic circuitry, peripheral feeding hormones also regulate feeding behavior by selectively modulating the magnitude of dopamine signaling to food and food-related stimuli. I am following up the initial work by investigating the specific brain sites where administration of feeding hormones can influence dopamine signaling in both awake-behaving animals as well as acute brain slice preparations. This program of research will shed considerable light on human disorders of motivation such as obesity and could potentially inform future therapeutics aimed at treating the disease.



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  • CBC Scholar 2012-2013
  • UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science Predoctoral Fellowship (TL1 RR029877)
  • NIH Predoctoral Fellowship (NIH T32 MH067631-06A1)
  • UIC Chancellor’s Supplemental Research Fellowship



Ashraf Abbas, B.S. Supervised his Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Neuroscience (2010-2011): “Acute effects of the HDAC inhibitor valproic acid on phasic dopamine signaling.”



Co-Instructor: History 98 (Spring 2006). University of California, Berkeley DE-Cal Program.