Meet the Scholars

Updated: May 17, 2012

Weston L. Daniel

Weston L. Daniel

CBC Scholar: Class of 2010
Department of Chemistry, NU; Advisor: Chad Mirkin



Ph. D. in Chemistry
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL; Research Advisor: Chad A. Mirkin
2006 – 2010

B. S. in Chemistry
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; Research Advisor: Wayne L. Gladfelter
2002 – 2005



I work for a biotechnology startup called AuraSense, which is commercializing nanotechnology-based therapeutics for gene regulation and cardiovascular applications. I am pleased that some of the technologies I contributed to in graduate school as a CBC scholar are on the path to commercialization.



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Chicago Biomedical Consortium Scholar, 2010

Collegiate Inventors Competition Finalist for “Synthetic HDL,” 2009

Owen’s Scholarship, 2006, University of Minnesota

Hiesig Summer Fellowship, 2005, University of Minnesota

Lloyd W. Goerke Scholarship, 2005, University of Minnesota

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program award winner, 2005, University of Minnesota