Past Courses & Workshops

Winter 2010 Workshop in Informatics for Proteomics

January 26-27, 2010
LOCATION: College of Pharmacy, UIC

Workshop Recap
CBC Winter 2010 Workshop in Informatics for Proteomics Received with Enthusiasm

February 4, 2010

The CBC-organized winter workshop in Informatics for Proteomics, held at the UIC College of Pharmacy, offered two days of lecture and hands-on informatics training. The workshop covered the basics of mass spectrometry, data extraction, database searching, and several advanced topics such as the use of stable isotopes and chemical labeling in quantitative proteomics and the identification of post-translational modifications with mass spectrometry. Participants were also introduced to top-down proteomics and recent updates to the facility’s LTQ-FT Ultra mass spectrometer. The number of applicants far exceeded the capacity of the workshop; the 21 accepted attendees were selected from the three CBC universities as well as from Loyola University and Rush Medical Center. Given student interest and enthusiasm, presentation of additional workshops is under consideration.
Please contact Jola Glotzer ( ) or Larry Helseth (helseth at uic dot edu) with questions or comments.