Exploratory Workshops

Updated: July 1, 2016

This program has ended. Applications are not being accepted.

Request for Application:

The intent of CBC Exploratory Workshops is to bring together small groups of faculty members who are interested in making interdisciplinary and inter-institutional connections around cutting-edge research areas. These workshops are envisioned as informal gatherings of investigators from CBC institutions to discuss research that is at the interface of disciplines. Given the breadth and diversity of the local scientific community, we expect many topics to be explored. Creative juxtaposition of scientific areas is encouraged. In addition, workshops could be organized based on current opportunities at funding agencies, including specific RFAs, which would take advantage of the diversity and expertise found at the CBC universities.

The scientific exchange facilitated by these workshops should be stimulating in and of itself, and, we hope, will lead to interesting new avenues of investigation. Networking at the workshops should help faculty find potential collaborators from other universities, which could ultimately result in successful NIH R01 and P01 grants, shared instrumentation grants and CBC Catalyst Awards.

Interested faculty are asked to submit applications specifying the topics, participants and workshop format. Applications will be reviewed promptly, with the aim of funding and facilitating the majority of the applications. The CBC will help organize approved workshops.

Faculty from at least two of the CBC institutions must collaborate in submitting an application and organizing the workshop. Workshop groups should typically be comprised of 5 to 15 faculty members from all three CBC institutions, and preferably should include some junior faculty members. Emphasis should be put on novel research ideas, multidisciplinarity, and new research teams. The CBC envisions these workshops to be half-day events with an open flexible format that would include both short presentations and ample time for discussion and exploration of experimental aims and goals. The CBC will provide up to $2,000 to successful applicants for workshop-associated expenses. Please note that the CBC Exploratory Workshop program is not intended to fund existing interest group meetings, and funding is not available for recurrent meetings. Recipients of workshop funding will be expected to submit a short (300 word) follow-up report to the CBC about the proceedings, the participants, and the outcomes of the event. If necessary, recipients will be asked to submit a second short report suitable for posting on the CBC website.

Applications will be reviewed by the CBC Staff and Scientific Directors, with decisions expected within approximately three weeks.

Applications should be submitted via email to the CBC Program Coordinator Corinna Kitcharoen at: .

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Corinna Kitcharoen before applying.

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