April 15, 2015

“Building on STEM” – CBC Scholars volunteer at 65th Annual CPS Science Fair

CBC Scholars volunteered their time and expertise to serve as judges at the 65th Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Science Fair on March 22, 2015 at the Museum of Science and Industry. At the Science Fair, hundreds of middle- and high-school students presented results from science-related projects of their own choosing and design. The young scientists were evaluated on their written and oral presentations including the project’s originality, depth of research, adherence to the scientific method, and the students’ overall excitement for science. In addition to judging the science projects, the CBC Scholars also provided mentoring and encouragement to the young researchers.

The research projects covered a vast array of topics and many were inspired by the students’ everyday lives. One project looked at different methods of storing tofu and how it affected sauce absorption. Another compared different sports drinks advertised for their high electrolyte content relative to total fruit juice content. A third project investigated whether Alka-Selzter would be used more often if it came in smaller sized tablets. One student worked with a University of Chicago lab to investigate if air pollutants have a negative impact on human lung membranes. Many research projects resulted in more questions than answers and the student scientists will continue to explore these questions and present their findings at next year’s science fair.

The CBC Scholars that served as judges feel there is definitely no shortage of great scientists working to make the world a better place. The Scholars view the CPS Science Fair as an uplifting experience and enjoy assisting the next generation of scientists in their first forays into research.

To learn about other CBC Scholars and their research interests please visit the CBC Scholars webpage.

Photos: CBC Scholars at the CPS Science Fair 2015. (Photos: CBC.)