April 15, 2016

The CBC welcomes new Scientific Director for The University of Chicago, Lucy Godley

Lucy Godley, MD, PhDThe CBC is pleased to announce that Lucy Godley, MD, PhD, has become the new CBC Scientific Director for The University of Chicago. Dr. Godley was nominated by The University of Chicago Provost Eric Isaacs and her appointment was approved by Northwestern Provost Daniel Linzer and UIC Provost Susan Poser.

Dr. Godley joins Scientific Directors Rick Morimoto and Brian Kay from Northwestern and UIC, respectively. The CBC Scientific Directors work closely with the philanthropists, faculty researchers, administrators, and CBC staff members who together advance the CBC’s mission of fostering and strengthening collaborative research.

Dr. Godley is a Professor of Medicine in the section of Hematology/Oncology at The University of Chicago. After receiving her PhD from UCSF and MD from Northwestern, Lucy did her residency and fellowship in Hematology/Oncology at UChicago, and she has been on the UChicago faculty since 2003. In addition to caring for patients, her active research lab studies epigenetic changes and their relationship to changes in chromatin structure and gene regulation in cancer cells. She has contributed to a series of seminal studies that identify mutations in DNA methyltransferases as underlying causes of cancer. Her current research focuses on molecular genetic and epigenetic studies of hematologic malignancies.

Dr. Godley takes over the role of CBC Scientific Director from Shohei Koide, PhD, who has been appointed Director of Cancer Biologics at the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU. We are grateful for Shohei’s five years of dedicated service to the CBC, and wish him the very best in his new position.

Dr. Godley joins CBC Communications Director Jola Glotzer as the primary University of Chicago liaisons with the CBC. Welcome, Lucy!