August 6, 2018

CBC Accelerator Network (CBCAN) meeting: Accelerator Award proposals Round Two, Part One

A full house at the CBCAN, held on August 2, 2018, at the NMH, Feinberg Pavilion.

Round 2 of the CBC’s Accelerator Award program is underway, with 22 Letters of Intent (LOIs) submitted for the $100,000 funding award. Ten finalists with promising therapeutic and/or an associated diagnostic or biomarker proposals have advanced and continue forward with the application process, which includes a live presentation of their concept and supporting data at the CBCAN event.

The first of two CBCAN meetings took place on Thursday, August 2 at Feinberg Pavilion and featured Tsutomu Kume (NU), Julian Solway and Nickolai Dulin (UChicago), Shiva Shahrara (UIC), Jonathan Leis and Chi-Hao Luan (NU), and Greg Thatcher (UIC). Each PI delivered an eight-minute presentation which summarized novel approaches for therapeutics including cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, HIV, corneal vascularization and rheumatoid arthritis. The presenters addressed unmet medical needs and commercial implications, key supportive data and competitive landscape. Following the presentations, the audience provided verbal and written feedback for the investigators to consider when submitting their full proposal applications.

Once the live presentations wrapped up, the audience and presenters proceeded to the community networking reception to continue the conversation over hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

We look forward to Part Two of the Accelerator Award presentations at Women’s Prentice Hospital on Thursday, August 16. Please join us as we welcome Steve Ackerman and Vadim Gaponenko (UIC), Richard Kraig (UChicago), Leslie Fung and Michael Johnson (UIC), Brian Kay (UIC), and Terry Vanden Hoek (UIC) as our CBCAN presenters.

Also of note, Dr. Brian Kay was acknowledged for his many contributions to the CBC as the past Scientific Director, representing UIC since 2011. Dr. Luisa A. DiPietro was introduced and warmly welcomed by all present at the CBCAN meeting as the Brian’s successor.

Enjoy the photo-gallery of the event!

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Photos: Corinna Kitcharoen and Jola Glotzer, CBC


▸ CBCAN Program, August 2, 2018