December 1, 2014

CIMposium: Moving Your Invention to Patients

Chicago Innovation Mentors (CIM) CIMposium, “Moving Your Invention to Patients,” was held November 20, 2014 at the Chicago Innovation Exchange (CIE) in Hyde Park. It was the first of 4 CIMposia planned for 2014-2015 and designed to focus on regulatory issues, requirements and steps necessary to move novel discoveries towards commercialization.

CIM is a consortium that aims at connecting Chicago’s biomedical entrepreneurial community including universities, faculty, entrepreneurs, experienced executives, corporations and venture capitalists. CIM’s goals of developing entrepreneurs and supporting translational research and commercialization efforts are being accomplished through targeted mentoring. In addition, the CIMposia concept brings mentors and mentees together for educational, social and networking events.

Steve Gould, CIM Interim Executive Director, opened the CIMposium and provided an overview of CIM activities. Gould also thanked the CBC for providing support for the current CIMposia series. John Flavin, CIE Executive Director and Julian Solway, director of the University of Chicago Institute for Translational Medicine, followed with remarks on CIM interactions with their home institutions.

CIMposium guest speakers included George Hides (Managing Partner at Geis-Hides Consulting LLC), Pat Frank (Founder of Patricia Frank & Associates, Inc.), Neal Siegel (Siegel Tech Consulting) and Ric Newman (RnD Services). The speakers addressed navigating the regulatory path for development of drugs, biologics, devices, in-vitro diagnostics, combination products, software and healthcare apps.

Over 60 attendees participated in this CIMposium including CBC representatives Karen Snapp, Shohei Koide and Jola Glotzer. Future CIMposia will take place at Northwestern, University of Illinois at Chicago, and MATTER.

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