January 13, 2015

Fall 2014 Postdoctoral Research Awards Announced

The CBC is pleased to announce that 16 Postdoctoral Research Awards were made in 2014 Fall application round. The awarded projects will be conducted in the core facilities located at the three CBC universities.

Northwestern University Postdoctoral Awardees:
Chen, Jia Longnecker, Richard Identification of small molecule compounds as inhibitors of Epstein-Barr virus infection  1. Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery, NU

2. High Throughput Analysis Lab, NU

Simkin, Dina Disterhoft, John Ca2+-binding protein expression profile underlying preserved memory function with age MicroWestern Array Core, UChicago
Robert, Amelie Gelfand, Vladimir Application of super-resolution microscopy for analysis of intermediate filament dynamics Center for Advanced Microscopy/Nikon Imaging Center,
Yang, Jian Ameer, Guillermo Periadventitial delivery of retinoic acid via thermoresponsive hydrogel 1. Microsurgery Core, NU

2. Keck Interdisciplinary Surface Science, NU

Zaharieva, Emanuela Gallio, Marco Mechanistic and Evolutionary insights on temperature sensing and preference in Drosophila Next Generation Sequencing Core Facility, NU


UChicago Postdoctoral Awardees:
Barlan, Kari Horne-Badovinac Sally Examination of the Fat2 cadherin in collective cell migration

Mass spectrometry, Metabolomics & Proteomics Facility, UIC

Dominissini, Dan He, Chuan Pseudouridine Sequencing – a Roadmap to the New Biology of mRNA Pseudouridine Modification Genomics Facility, UChicago
Kaur, Harsimran Turkewitz, Aaron Mass spectrometric analysis of transport complexes in secretory and endosomal trafficking  Proteomics Core Facility, NU
Lee, Grace Long, Manyuan Evolution of essential functions driven by new genes that reshape gene interaction networks 1. Genomics Core, UChicago

2. Proteomics Core, UChicago

3. BAC Recombineering Core, IGSB, UChicago

Liu, Jianzhao He, Chuan Screening of Small Molecule Inhibitors for Nuclear RNA m6A Methyltransferase Complex High Throughput Analysis Laboratory, NU
Suarez Atias, Cristian Kovar, David R. In vitro reconstitution of actin filament networks that drive cell motility EM: Cryopreservation and Tomography, UChicago
Zheng, Guanqun Pan, Tao Development of high throughput methods for quantitative sequencing of transfer RNA Genomics Core, UChicago


UIC Postdoctoral Awardees:
Calik, Michael Carley, David W. Co-localization of 5-HT3 and Cannabinoid Receptors on Rat Nodose Ganglion Cells 1. Confocal Microscopy Facility, UIC

2. Research Histology and Tissue Imaging Core, UIC

Cook, Laura Federle, Michael RNASeq analysis of the transcriptome of streptococci colonizing the vaginal tract Genomics Facility, UChicago
Grigera, Fernando Kenter, Amy Dissecting the role of Mbd4 in CSR with CRISPR/Cas9-genome engineering in a mouse 1. Genome Editing Core, UIC

2. Transgenic Production Services, UIC

Tsang, Kit Man Malik, Asrar B. CRISPR-based screening to identify the genetic control of hypoxia in vascular differentiation Genome Editing Core, UIC