June 28, 2013

CBC Announces 2013 Spring Round HTS Awards

The CBC is pleased to announce that eleven HTS Awards were made in 2013 Spring application round. The awarded projects will be conducted in the HTS facilities located at the three CBC universities:

NU Facility:

  • HTS for drugs that Disrupt Enveloped Virus Budding; Project PI: Jonathan Leis (NU)
  • Small Molecule Inhibitors of Human Copper Trafficking Proteins in Treating Human Cancers; Project PI: Chuan He (UChicago)
  • A high-throughput screening strategy to identify and validate inhibitors of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 4 (MEK4); Project PIs: Raymond Bergan (NU), Karl Scheidt (NU), Sankar Krishna (NU)
  • Discovery of novel small molecule antidepressants; Project PIs: Dane Chetkovich (NU), Ye Han (NU)
  • Biomimetic Nanodiscs for HTS Discovery of AβO Binding Antagonists; Project PIs: William L. Klein (NU), Kyle C. Wilcox (NU)

UIC Facility:

  • Selective Inhibitors Between Pathogenic and Non-Pathogenic Bacterial Enzymes; Project PIs: Arnon Lavie (UIC), Wayne Anderson (NU), Michael Caffrey (UIC)
  • Virtual and high-throughput screening for anti-hemophilia drugs that target the protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor-protein Z (ZPI-PZ) interaction; Project PIs: Xin Huang (UIC), Steven Olsen (UIC), Michael Johnson (UIC)
  • Pharmacological Release of Lipoprotein Lipase Inhibition by apoC-III to Treat Hypertriglyceridemia; Project PI: John Ancsin (UChicago)

UChicago Facility:

  • High throughput screening to identify novel modulators of Mitophagy that inhibit tumor cell growth; Project PIs: Kay Macleod (UChicago), Marsha Rosner (UChicago)
  • High-Throughput Screening using an Organotypic Culture of Ovarian Cancer Metastasis; Project PIs: Ernst Lengyel (UChicago), Hilary Kenny (UChicago)
  • Screening for molecules that block a novel IRES and the pathogenic protein encoded by a novel cistron; Project PI: Christopher Gomez (UChicago)


▸ HTS Award Program Description and RFA