June 3, 2018

CBC announces Round One Accelerator Award proposals deemed eligible for funding

CBC is pleased to announce that five proposals submitted in the inaugural round of the CBC Accelerator Award program application have been deemed eligible for funding. The awards are currently awaiting institutional endorsements and administrative approval.

The five eligible proposals were submitted by scientists from each of the three of the CBC institutions:

  • Chuan He (UChicago):
    “A highly sensitive and robust test for early colorectal cancer diagnosis.”
  • Yulia Komarova (UIC):
    “Development of novel treatment for age-related macular degeneration.”
  • Arnon Lavie (UIC)
    “Increasing the in vivo stability of L-asparaginase through interactions with HSA.”
  • Brian Layden (UIC)
    “Novel FFA3 antagonist development for type 2 diabetes.”
  • Rick Silverman (NU)
    “Novel drug for hepatocellular carcinoma.”
Five winners of the CBC Accelerator Award application, round 1 (2018)

Five winners of the CBC Accelerator Award application, round 1 (2018). From the left: Chuan He (UChicago), Yulia Komarova (UIC), Arnon Lavie (UIC), Brian Layden (UIC) and Rick Silverman (NU).

Launched in spring of 2018, the Accelerator Award program supports translational research and provides university researchers with “early commercial guidance.” Accelerator Awards are used to support the initial, and therefore highest risk, stage of commercially-directed research focused on the development of a therapeutic or an associated biomarker or diagnostic. The program encourages interactions between academic researchers and industry/pharmaceutical experts early in the development of projects and provides advice to award recipients in setting and progressing toward commercialization milestones. Award recipients are mentored by faculty, industry experts, tech transfer officers and CBC personnel. Accelerator awardees will provide project updates at CBCAN meetings.

Further updates on the awards will be posted when they are finalized.


▸ Three researchers awarded funding by Chicago Biomedical Consortium by Sharon Parmet, published in UIC today on May 29, 2018.