June 5, 2014

CBC Announces 2013 Fall Round HTS Awards

The CBC is pleased to announce that seven HTS Awards were made in 2013 Fall application round. The awarded projects will be conducted in the HTS facilities located at the three CBC universities:

NU Facility:

  • Screening for molecules that block interaction of Fas-associated phosphatase 1 with substrate proteins: a strategy to abolish therapy-resistant leukemia stem cells; Project PIs: Elizabeth Eklund, Francis Giles and Weiqi Huang (NU)
  • HTS for small molecule inhibitor of two novel targets from P. falciparum as anti-malaria therapeutics; Project PIs: Wayne F. Anderson and Ludmilla Shuvalova (NU)
  • Identification of selective mTORC2 inhibitors for the treatment of cancer; Project PIs: Leonidas Platanias, Elspeth Beauchamp and Matt Clutter (NU)
  • High Throughput Thermal Shift Assays for the Discovery of TRIM24 and ATAD2 Modulators; Project PIs: David J. Hosfield and Geoffrey L. Greene (UChicago)

UIC Facility:

  • Signal Jamming of Bacterial Communication: an HTS approach; Project PI: Michael J. Federle (UIC)
  • Inhibition of cystathionine-γ-lyase as a therapeutic approach for relief of sleep disordered breathing; Project PIs: Terry Moore and Jason Hickok (UIC), and Nanduri Prabhakar (UChicago)

UChicago Facility:

  • Identification of Chemical Entities Protective of Paclitaxel-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy; Project PIs: M. Eileen Dolan and Heather Wheeler (UChicago)


▸ HTS Award Program Description and RFA