March 26, 2012

CBC Scholars inspire Chicago Public Schools budding scientists

For the second year in a row, the CBC Scholars volunteered to serve as judges for the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Science Fair. The Fair brought CPS Junior High and High School students together at the Museum of Science and Industry where they presented their work and competed for prizes. Projects ranged from the effects of jazz music on growing radishes to 3D modeling of chemical compounds.

The organizers of the Science Fair are always looking for qualified judges and judging the event provides an excellent opportunity to mentor and encourage young scientists. Twelve CBC scholars, approximately equal numbers from the 3 CBC institutions, volunteered their time to be judges in areas as diverse as Physics, Botany, Microbiology and Zoology. The participating Scholars wore lapel pins identifying themselves as CBC members. The Scholars relished the teaching experience and greatly enjoyed interacting with the young students. A few Junior High School students were remembered from last year’s Science Fair and it was a pleasure to see how far they had progressed in their training and the direction in which they had chosen to take their research.

After a long day at the Science Fair, a CBC-sponsored lunch at a nearby restaurant provided a chance for the Scholars to unwind and discuss the projects that were judged.