May 10, 2018

“On the Table” Lunch hosted by the Chicago Biomedical Consortium

Invitation to the 2018 CBC-hosted

The “On the Table” series of events was launched by The Chicago Community Trust in 2014 to bring together groups of people to discuss ways to create a stronger community here in Chicago and beyond. In that tradition, on May 8, the CBC hosted an “On the Table luncheon” at Remington’s Restaurant in downtown Chicago. The luncheon was both an opportunity to thank the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust for their support over the years and to discuss the status of the current biotech/biomedical activities in the Chicago area. Other aims included identifying unmet needs, and more effective collaboration to strengthen the greater biomedical community.

A diverse group of nineteen people attended the lunch, including CBC leadership, faculty members and tech transfer officers from the three CBC universities, members of the Chicago-based biotech community and pharmaceutical companies, and representatives from the Kinship Foundation and The Chicago Community Trust. The lively discussion focused on ways to work together to make the Chicago-based biomedical community stronger and to move novel health-improving research projects into the commercialization pipeline. The CBC continues its work towards strengthening and expanding the biomedical enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit found at our universities and within our community and accelerating the development of therapeutics and diagnostics that will, over the long term, improve the health of our citizens.

Enjoy our photo gallery of the event!

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Photos: Brian Kay and Corinna Kitcharoen, CBC.

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