November 30, 2016

CBC Announces 2016 Spring Round HTS Awards

The CBC is pleased to announce that five HTS Awards were made in 2016 Spring application round. The awarded project will be conducted in the HTS facility located at one of the CBC universities:

UIC Facility:

  • High-throughput Screening and Validation of Inhibitors Against M. tuberculosis Class II FBPase
    Project PIs: Scott Franzblau, Cele Abad-Zapatero, Farah Movahedzadeh and Nina M.Wolf (UIC)

NU Facility:

  • Screening for Small Molecule Proteostasis Regulators to Prevent Misfolding and Aggregation
    Project PIs: Rick Morimoto and Anan Yu (NU)
  • Targeting Chronic Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases: A High Throughput Screen for Regulators of Interferon
    Project PIs: Curt Horvath and Roli Mandhana (NU)
  • Identification of Novel DYRK1A Inhibitors for Treatment of Pre-B cell and T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
    Project PIs: John Crispino (NU)
  • Identification of Small Molecule Agonists and Antagonists for the Adhesion GPCR Latrophilin
    Project PI: Demet Araç-Ozkan (UChicago)