November 30, 2016

CBC Announces 2015 Fall Round HTS Awards

The CBC is pleased to announce that seven HTS Awards were made in 2015 Fall application round. The awarded project will be conducted in the HTS facility located at one of the three CBC universities:

UIC Facility:

  • Reversing Antibiotic Resistance with Compounds that Potentiate Antimicrobial Drugs
    Project PIs: Michael Federle and Tiara Perez-Morales (UIC)
  • Screening for a Tissue-specific ABCA1 Agonists to Target Lipidation of apoE4 in the CNS as an Effective and Tolerated Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease
    Project PIs: Mary Jo LaDu, Gregory Thatcher and Manel Ben Aissa (UIC)
  • Selective Inhibition of Tamoxifen-resistant Breast Cancer Cell Growth by Single Agents and in Combination
    Project PIs: Debra Tonetti, Gregory Thatcher, Jason Hickok and Lauren Gutgesell (UIC)
  • Identification and Development of Small Molecules that Inhibit the VraSRT Operon, which Maintains Oxacillin Resistance in Methicillin- resistant S. aureus (MRSA)
    Project PIs: Michael Johnson and Hyun Lee (UIC)

NU Facility:

  • High-throughput Identification of Inhibitors of Human Pathogen NTHI
    Project PIs: Heather Pinkett and Kari Tanaka (NU)
  • Discovering Small Molecules to Improve Mitochondrial Function for Neuron Protection
    Project PIs: Navdeep Chandel and Inma Martinez-Reyes (NU)

UChicago Facility:

  • Discovering Small-Molecule Drugs Capable of Inducing Red Blood Cell Terminal Differentiation
    Project PIs: Amittha Wickrema (UChicago)