October 5, 2010

Dr. Brenda Russell, the UIC CBC Scientific Director, received the iBIO 2010 iCON Innovator Award at the 4th Annual iBIO iCON Awards Dinner on September 30, 2010 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Chicago

The iCON Awards Gala was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Chicago and was attended by approximately 400 researchers, educators and biotechnology leaders. The iCON Awards recognize the role of education, research, training and scholarship in fostering growth and building the next generation of Midwest biotechnology and life sciences innovators and leaders.

The iCON Innovator Award recognizes an active researcher/scientist/educator who is acknowledged by his or her peers as a leader in the teaching of and scholarship in biotechnology and its related sciences. With this being said, all those who know Brenda’s stellar research career and her contributions to education at both the university and Chicago community levels, agree that Brenda is well deserving of this prestigious award. Dr. Delara Motlagh, a former PhD student of Dr. Russell’s, introduced Brenda and shared with the audience several of her memories of Brenda as a mentor, educator, scientist and friend.

Dr. Russell’s scientific experience and productivity encompass multiple disciplines and demonstrates collaboration between quantitative biology, bioengineering, physiology and chemistry. As a Professor of Physiology, Biophysics, Bioengineering and Medicine, Brenda’s work in tissue engineering and the development of a novel, biometic cardiac regeneration system using bioengineering and surface chemistry modifications has resulted in the formation of her Evanston based company, Cell Habitats, Inc., which has joined the iBIO PROPEL center.

Notably, all previous iCON Award recipients are closely connected to the CBC: Dr. Thomas J. Meade, (Northwestern University; 2009 iCON Innovator Award) is a 2009 CBC Spark Award holder, Dr. Daphne Preuss (Chromatin Inc.; 2008 iCON Innovator Award) was the original leader of the CBC discussions at UChicago, and Dr. Chad A. Mirkin (Northwestern University; 2007 iCON Innovator Award) is a PI on the newest 2010 CBC Lever Award.

PHOTOS: Dr. Brenda Russell receiving the 2010 iCON Innovator Award. (Photos: CBC)