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Updated: February 27, 2019

CBC/TGS Course:

“Commercialization in Context: Life Science”

Course Description:
Registration is open for the “Commercialization in Context: Life Science” (TGS518) Spring Quarter 2019. The course is a collaboration between CBC / NU TGS / Kellogg and addresses the why, when and how life scientists may secure and leverage the intangible knowledge produced by their research. The course begins with a survey of various intellectual property forms for inventions, original expressions, source identifiers/brands and confidential information etc. and how same can be used to build a unique selling proposition. Cost effective approaches for registering these intangibles as Intellectual Property (IP) are discussed. Methods for leveraging IP ownership to navigate the obstacles to commercialization will be reviewed.

All graduate life science students from Northwestern, UIC and UChicago are eligible to enroll; preference will be given to post-candidacy PhD students. Enrollment is from February 26th until March 20th. Enrollment confirmations will go out on March 20. You will be asked to confirm your participation by March 22.

Course Information:
The course will take place on Wednesdays 5:00 – 8:00 during Spring Quarter (April 3 – June 5, 2019) at Wieboldt Hall, Room 305 on the NU Chicago campus. The course is not for credit and will be graded on a Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory evaluation. Tuition has been waived for this course.

How to register?
Registration for “Commercialization in Context: Life Science” (TGS518) Spring Quarter 2019 is open from Feb 26th until March 20, 2019.

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