Past Courses & Workshops

CBC Catalyst Workshop

DATE: July 5, 2011
University of Chicago Campus

The inaugural CBC Catalyst Workshop took place at UChicago campus on July 5, 2011. CBC Scientific Director Shohei Koide provided an introduction to CBC and CBC-funded Awards, specifically focusing on the CBC Catalyst Award program. Dr. Koide’s remarks were followed by three ‘case studies’ by the UChicago faculty who are members of three collaborative research teams that were successful in securing the CBC Catalyst Awards in the past:

Following the three ‘case-studies’ a member of the CBC Scientific Review Board, Sam Sisodia (UChicago), spoke about the Catalyst review process and opened the floor to a vivid Q&A.

The workshop was well attended mainly by UChicago faculty as well as a few of guests from UIC and NU.