September 7, 2010

The Annual CBC Scholars Scientific Exchange was held August 19, 2010

The CBC Scholars from all three CBC universities met at the NU Chicago Campus to present and discuss their dissertation research. The talks were designed to focus on important “Big Picture” concepts and each presentation was followed by a short discussion. The participating Scholars and the research they presented were:

Rima Chaudhuri (UIC, PI-Michael Johnson), Computational Models for the Discovery/Design of Novel Therapeutics to Inhibit the Papain-like Protease of the Human SARS Coronavirus

Sam Nalle (UChicago, PI-Jerry Turner), Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction and Graft-Versus-Host-Disease

Jackie Shephard (NU, PI-Lonnie Shea), Gene Delivery from Hydrogels for Applications in Regenerative Medicine

Matthew Curtis (UIC, PI-Brenda Russell), Microdomain Heterogeneity in 3D Alters Neonatal Cardiac Myocyte Growth and Contraction

Erin White (UChicago, PI-Michael Glotzer), Structural Transitions in the Centralspindlin Complex Required for Microtubule Bundling During Cytokinesis

The presentations were followed with lunch and a short planning meeting in which future events were discussed. The Scholars used this time to re-connect with each other and to announce anticipated graduation dates plus discuss post-doc search strategies and future career paths. The Scholars will join the CBC 8th Annual Symposium speakers for breakfast on the day of the October 29th symposium on Protein Folding and Misfolding in Health and Disease which will be held at Ida Noyes Hall on the UChicago campus.