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October 10, 2017

CBC Researcher, Fotini Gounari, UChicago, secures a competitive ASH Bridge Grant!

Congratulations to Fotini Gounari, UChicago, for receiving a bridge grant from the American Society of Hematology (ASH). The ASH Bridge Grants are designed to sustain promising hematology researchers during the current period of reduced NIH funding. Fotini has been active in the CBC community since 2010 when she was awarded her first CBC Catalyst Award with Steven T. Rosen (NU, currently Provost and CSO for City of Hope). In 2014, Fotini received a second CBC Catalyst Award for a joint project with Brad Merrill (UIC). Also in 2014, a postdoctoral fellow in Fotini’s lab, Shilpa Keerthivasan, received a CBC Postdoctoral Research Award for research she was conducting in Fotini’s lab.

ASH presents bridge grants to five researchers

American Society of Hematology (ASH) presented $150,000 to five investigators through the society’s bridge grant program, designed to sustain promising hematologic research proposals that are not funded through NIH.

Fotini Gounari, PhD, DSc, The University of Chicago

Fotini Gounari, PhD, DSc

“With strict budget caps still in place, the ASH Bridge Grants are more important than ever,” said ASH President Kenneth C. Anderson, MD, director of Lebow Institute for Myeloma Therapeutics and Jerome Lipper Myeloma Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, said in an ASH-issued press release. “This program allows scientific momentum to continue while encouraging the retention of promising hematology researchers, which is especially critical in this era of unpredictable NIH funding.”

The 1-year grants are intended to support researchers who face gaps in multiyear funding.

ASH has presented $11.2 million in bridge grants to 92 investigators since the program’s inception in 2013.

The recipients of the most recent bridge grants are John H. Bushweller, PhD, of University of Virginia; Selina Chen-Kiang, PhD, of Weill Cornell Medicine; Fotini Gounari, PhD, DSc (right), of The University of Chicago; Akil Merchant, MD, of University of Southern California; and Anupama Narla, MD, of Stanford University.


Adapted (with modifications) from Helio / HemOnctoday. Originally posted on October 2, 2017.

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