Success Story

October 24, 2011

Spotlight on October 2011 Publications by Three CBC Award Research Teams

The CBC is pleased to report that this month, October 2011, three CBC-funded publications were published in high profile journals: PLoS Biology, Nature Chemical Biology and Nature Chemistry. Congratulations!

CBC Spark Team Member: Manyuan Long
Zhang YE, Landback P, Vibranovski MD, Long M. Accelerated Recruitment of New Brain Development Genes into the Human Genome. PLoS Biology, 2011; 9 (10): e1001179. [published online Oct. 18]
See also: Young human-specific genes correlated with brain evolution (UChicago Press Release)
Manyuang Long is a co-recipient of a 2009 CBC Spark Award:
Noncoding RNA Structure, Function, and Evolution ▸ Read more

CBC Catalyst Team Member: Chuan He
Jia G, Fu Y, Zhao X, Dai Q, Zheng G, Yang Y, Yi C, Lindahl T, Pan T, Yang YG, He C. N6-Methyladenosine in nuclear RNA is a major substrate of the obesity-associated FTO. Nat Chem Biol. 2011 Oct 16.
See also: New research links common RNA modification to obesity (UChicago Press Release)
Chuan He is a co-recipient of a 2009 CBC Catalyst Award:
Virulence and Latency Regulation in M. tuberculosis ▸ Read more

CBC Catalyst Team Member: Wonhwa Cho
Yoon Y, Lee PJ, Kurilova S, Cho W. In situ quantitative imaging of cellular lipids using molecular sensors. Nat Chem. 2011; 3, 868–874. [published online Oct. 9]
See also: New Membrane Lipid Measuring Technique May Help Fight Disease (UIC Press Release)
Wonhwa Cho is a co-recipient of a 2010 CBC Catalyst Award:
In situ Imaging of Lipid Signaling Networks ▸ Read more


From left to right: Manyuan Long, Chuan He and Wonhwa Cho.