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September 5, 2018

Nagler among Crain’s Tech 50 of 2018!

More accolades for CBC affiliate, Cathy Nagler, UChicago!

Congratulations to Cathy Nagler, UChicago, who made the Crain’s Tech 50 of 2018 list! Nagler is Bunning Food Allergy Professor and Professor of Pathology, Medicine, Pediatrics and the College Committee on Immunology at UChicago. She is also co-founder and president of biotech company ClostraBio, which is dedicated to understanding and treating food allergies and other diseases of the immune system. Her past work was supported in part by a CCSB/CBC Fellowship, awarded to a postdoctoral fellow in her lab, Aly Azeem Khan, financed by the CBC Lever Award (2008) for the project “Chicago Center for Systems Biology (CCSB).”

Meet the Crain’s Tech 50 of 2018

Crain’s Chicago Business  |  by John Pletz  |  July 16, 2018

The founders, leaders, technologists, investors, connectors and mentors you need to know in Chicago tech are all here. There’s one difference this year: They’re all women. Yes, women are underrepresented in tech, in Chicago and beyond. But there are plenty of awesome women to be found. You just have to look.

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Among the Crain’s Tech 50 of 2018 is a CBC affiliate Cathryn Nagler, UChicago. CONGRATULATIONS!

Cathy Nagler, UChicago


61 | ClostraBio | Co-founder, president

This University of Chicago professor and researcher decided to take the plunge as an entrepreneur after other startups came calling to her live-animal lab to test potential medications. Nagler is using decades of research into how useful bacteria in our intestines can prevent allergic reactions to food to develop a drug.

Who knew? Growing up in Brooklyn, she wanted to become an artist but fell in love with biology.


Adapted (with modifications) from the Crain’s Chicago Business, by John Pletz, published on July 16, 2018.

Featured scientist(s) with ties to cbc:

Cathryn Nagler, UChicago

    CBC Lever Award (2008):
    ▸ Chicago Center for Systems Biology
    CCSB/CBC Fellowship, awarded to Aly Azeem Khan—a postdoctoral fellow working with Cathryn Nagler, UChicago, was financed by this CBC Lever Award.


September 5, 2018
▸ Hope for food allergy sufferers
Two CBC affiliates, Cathy Nagler and Jeff Hubbell, UChicago, explain recent research progress on preventing food allergies

January 18, 2018
▸ ClostraBio, a startup co-founded by UChicago scientists with ties to CBC, called a “promising, emerging venture”

October 16, 2017
▸ Cathy Nagler (UChicago), CBC community member and ClostraBio company founder, featured in Crain’s Chicago Business

September 24, 2015
▸ CBC Funding Contributes to Understanding of the Gut Microbiome’s Role in Infants with Allergies to Cow’s Milk