CBC Newsletter, Vol. 12

December 8, 2014

CBC 2014 Milestones and Spring 2015 Funding Opportunities

The CBC wishes you a wonderful Holiday Season and a very happy New Year! Our winter newsletter includes 2014 milestones, new resources available to the CBC community, spring 2015 funding opportunities and links to recent press articles about the CBC. Enjoy!

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2014 Milestones

MAY: Open Access Initiative
CBC University Provosts signed a pioneering Memorandum of Understanding that allows researches to access instrumentation and expertise at core research facilities at the three universities without paying additional F&A charges. (read more)

JUNE: Core Facilities Directory
The CBC launched a directory of biomedically-related core research facilities that are available at the three CBC universities. (read more)

NOVEMBER: Infrastructure Initiative
The CBC announced a $3 million Infrastructure Initiative to fund the purchase of high-impact, next-generation scientific equipment at its member universities. (read more)

NOVEMBER: Celebrating! CBC-funded Research has now Generated 1,000 Publications!
The CBC is proud to announce that 1000 peer-reviewed publications have now been published as a result of CBC funding. (read more)

Spring 2015 Applications Deadlines
  • Postdoctoral Research Grant Program: $15,000
    Spring 2015 deadlines: LOI (required): January 16, 2015 Proposals: February 2, 2015
    Eligibility: postdoctoral fellows at NU, UIC and UChicago
  • Catalyst Award Program: $200,000
    Spring 2015 deadline: March 4, 2015
    Eligibility: faculty at NU, UIC and UChicago; requires collaboration between at least two CBC universities
  • Exploratory Workshops: $2,000
    Spring 2015 deadline: March 6, 2015
    Eligibility: faculty at NU, UIC and UChicago; requires collaboration between at least two CBC universities
  • High Throughput Screening (HTS) Supplemental Grant Program: $20,000
    Spring 2015 deadline: March 30, 2015
    Eligibility: CBC university affiliates of any rank (e.g. graduate students, fellows, research faculty, tenure-track faculty); the named PI must be a tenure-track faculty member at a CBC institution

CBC “In-the-News”
  • “Chicago Biomedical Consortium: A Three-University Hub of Research,” IEEE Pulse, July/August 2014
  • “The Searle Family: Encouraging Entrepreneurship, Igniting Innovation,” BioLogical Quarterly, pp. 22-26

Stay Tuned for Future News from the CBC!