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November 22, 2011
NEW PROGRAM: CBC Exploratory Workshops
CBC is launching a new program to support small workshops for faculty members to encourage collaborative interactions across the CBC institutions. These workshops are intended to stimulate new Catalyst grant submissions, Program Project Grants from the NIH, and eventually Lever Awards associated with large, multi-investigator NIH grants. Applications are now being accepted for CBC Exploratory Workshops. (read more)

November 15, 2011
CBC Investigator Neil Kelleher’s ‘top-down’ proteomics pans out
The first large-scale effort to use ‘top-down’ proteomics, a novel method to accurately characterize thousands of proteins at the proteome level and map their genomic origin was recently reported in Nature 2011 Oct. 30: Mapping intact protein isoforms in discovery mode using top-down proteomics. The new strategy was developed by a team led by CBC Investigator Neil Kelleher at Northwestern. (see also NU Press Release: So Many Proteins, So Much Promise)

November 4, 2011
World experts lead the 9th Annual CBC Symposium Engineering Biology: From tools to insights
World experts in the field of Bioengineering joined forces at the Ninth Annual Chicago Biomedical Consortium Symposium. The speakers brought the approaches of engineers to the study of biological systems and cellular environments, and applied their findings to disease and clinical therapies. (full text)

November 1, 2011
Biochemist and CBC Catalyst Award recipient Tao Pan Receives NIH Director’s Pioneer Award
University of Chicago scientist Tao Pan, PhD, will be awarded $2.5 million by the National Institutes of Health to fund his research into the functional genomics of RNA and epigenetics. (UChicago Press Release)
Pan received a 2006 CBC Catalyst Award, titled: Epigenetics of RNA: a systems approach. "Although the Pioneer Award was not directly based on the work of our CBC Catalyst Award, the Catalyst Award helped tremendously in allowing my lab to go into new directions in biological research", reflected Pan.

October 24, 2011
Spotlight on October 2011 publications by three CBC award research teams
I. CBC Spark Team Member: Manyuan Long
Zhang YE, Landback P, Vibranovski MD, Long M. Accelerated Recruitment of New Brain Development Genes into the Human Genome. PLoS Biology, 2011; 9 (10): e1001179. [published online Oct. 18] (Read more in UChicago Press Release: Young human-specific genes correlated with brain evolution)
II. CBC Catalyst Team Member: Chuan He
Jia G, Fu Y, Zhao X, Dai Q, Zheng G, Yang Y, Yi C, Lindahl T, Pan T, Yang YG, He C. N6-Methyladenosine in nuclear RNA is a major substrate of the obesity-associated FTO. Nat Chem Biol. 2011 Oct 16. (Read more in UChicago Press Release: New research links common RNA modification to obesity)
III. CBC Catalyst Team Member: Wonhwa Cho
Yoon Y, Lee PJ, Kurilova S, Cho W. In situ quantitative imaging of cellular lipids using molecular sensors. Nat Chem. 2011; 3, 868–874. [published online Oct. 9] (Read more in UIC Press Release: New Membrane Lipid Measuring Technique May Help Fight Disease) (more info)

October 10, 2011
CBC helps fund a new Silvio O. Conte Center
The new Conte Center, a multi-institutional effort, will be based at the University of Chicago, and will apply data mining strategies to study mental disorders. The center will be established by a $11.75 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health and a $2 million Lever Award from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium. (UChicago Press Release)

October 4, 2011
Congratulations CBC Scholars
CBC Scholar Bryan Singer/PI: Paul Vezina, UChicago
Singer BF, Scott-Railton J, Vezina P. Unpredictable saccharin reinforcement enhances locomotor responding to amphetamine. Behav Brain Res. 2011 Sep 8. [Epub ahead of print]
CBC Scholar Fei Sun/PI: Chuan He, UChicago
Sun F, Zhou L, Zhao BC, Deng X, Cho H, Yi C, Jian X, Song CX, Luan CH, Bae T, Li Z, He C. Targeting MgrA-Mediated Virulence Regulation in Staphylococcus aureus. Chem Biol. 2011 Aug 26;18(8):1032-41.

September 27, 2011
NIH cites CBC as a role model
In a Policy Commentary “Core Facilities: Maximizing the Return on Investment” published in Science Translational Medicine (Aug 10, 2011), Gregory Farber (NCRR) and Linda Weiss (NCI) say, in a section headlined “Uniting Neighbors” “… Also being explored are core facility centralization and sharing activities that reach beyond a single institution. For example, the Chicago Biomedical Consortium, supported by the Searle Foundation*, provides core facilities to researchers at three Chicago-based universities. This idea could certainly be expanded to other metropolitan areas that have multiple research-intensive institutions.”
*The CBC is supported by the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust.

September 16, 2011
Deadline extended to register for the Ninth Annual CBC Symposium
Deadline for symposium registration has been extended till noon, Friday, September 23, 2011.
Poster abstract submission is now closed. For details see the symposium webpage.

September 12, 2011
Last week to register for the Ninth Annual CBC Symposium
Deadline for both, registration and abstract submission is noon, Friday, September 16, 2011.
For details see the symposium webpage.

August 22, 2011
CBC invites new Catalyst Award Proposals
Online submission for Fall 2011 Round is NOW OPEN. For Catalyst RFA and proposal submission details click here. Proposal submission deadline: 5pm, Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 19, 2011
CBC announces new Spark Award
» Nissim Hay, PhD, UIC; Joseph Bass, PhD, Northwestern; Graeme Bell, PhD, UChicago and Louis Philipson, MD, PhD, UChicago, for the project:
Leptin peptide in diabetes: from mechanism to therapeutics

August 12, 2011
CBC Summer Workshop in Proteomics and Informatics, July 25-29, 2011
The annual CBC Summer Workshop in Proteomics and Informatics took place at the CBC/UIC Proteomics and Informatics Service Facility (PISF) on July 25-29, 2011. The intensive hands-on workshop was attended by 29 students, faculty members and staff from the three CBC universities and also researchers from Rush, Loyola, Ohio State University, Iowa State University, University of Texas-San Antonio, Stroger Hospital and Simplot Plant Science in Boise, Idaho. (full text)

July 25, 2011
CBC supports Chicago Innovation Mentors (CIM)
CBC has made a $60,000 grant to the Chicago Innovation Mentors (CIM) program. CIM was founded by the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago, in collaboration with the iBIO® Institute. CIM aims to foster university technology commercialization by matching experienced entrepreneurs, executives, and domain experts with innovating faculty. (UChicagoNews Press Release) (About CIM)

July 8, 2011
CBC announces 2011 Spring Round Catalyst Awards
» Jun Yin, PhD, UChicago, and Hiroaki Kiyokawa, MD, PhD, Northwestern University, for the project:
Identify Cell Cycle-Regulatory Substrates Ubiquitinated by the Apoptosis Inhibitor BRUCE
» Adilson Motter, PhD, Northwestern University, and Sean Crosson, PhD, UChicago, for the project:
An approach to identify drug targets that select against antibiotic resistance

June 27, 2011
CBC funding opportunities, educational events and introduces our two new Scientific Directors
The spring of 2011 was a busy time for the CBC. CBC Science Day, a celebration of CBC-sponsored research held on April 22, 2011, was an all day event attended by over 200 Chicago-area researchers. The day was a smashing success with attendees learning about CBC-supported research and infrastructure, forming new collaborations, finding new resources and meeting people to enrich their research. The newsletter includes information about CBC funding opportunities, educational events and introduces our two new Scientific Directors. ▸ Read more

June 24, 2011
CBC Scientific Director’s transition at UIC: farewell to Brenda Russell, welcome to Brian Kay
The CBC is pleased to announce that, as of June 1, 2011, Brian K. Kay, PhD has become the new CBC Scientific Director for the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Kay was nominated by the UIC Acting Provost Jerry Bauman and his appointment was approved by Northwestern and UChicago Provosts, Daniel Linzer and Thomas Rosenbaum, respectively. Dr. Kay takes over the UIC CBC Scientific Director position from one of the founders of the CBC, Brenda Russell, PhD. Dr. Russell retired from her duties in UIC academic administration on May 31, 2011, and stepped down as the UIC CBC Scientific Director. (full text)

June 07, 2011
CBC Junior Investigator awarded a 2011 Klingenstein Fellowship in the Neurosciences
Daniel Dombeck, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Neurobiology and Physiology Department at Northwestern was awarded a 2011 Klingenstein Fellowship in the Neurosciences from the Esther & Joseph Klingenstein Foundation, Inc. of New York. Dombeck is a recipient of a 2010 CBC Junior Investigator Award and joined NU in February 2011. (read more)

May 12, 2011
Connecting at the CBC Science Day
CBC Science Day took place on Friday, April 22, 2011, at the Prentice Women’s Hospital Conference Center in downtown Chicago. Over 200 people attended this all day celebration of CBC supported science. The meeting included talks and posters describing research by CBC-Award teams, CBC supported infrastructure and core facilities, faculty Recruitment Awards, and the thesis projects of the CBC Scholars. (full text)

April 28, 2011
Richard I. (Rick) Morimoto, CBC Scientific Director at Northwestern University has been elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
The American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS) announced the newly elected 2011 AAAS Fellows, April 19, 2011. Among the new members is Rick Morimoto, the CBC Scientific Director at Northwestern University. (full text)

April 21, 2011
Second Annual CBC Scholars Scientific Exchange
The CBC Scholars met at the NU Chicago Campus to present and discuss their dissertation research on April 7, 2011, during the Second Annual CBC Scholars Scientific Exchange. (full text)

April 11, 2011
The CBC welcomes new Scientific Director for the University of Chicago, Shohei Koide
The CBC is pleased to announce that Shohei Koide, PhD has become the new CBC Scientific Director for the University of Chicago. Dr. Koide was nominated by the University of Chicago Provost Thomas Rosenbaum and his appointment was approved by Northwestern Provost Daniel Linzer and UIC Acting Provost Jerry Bauman. Dr. Koide’s official term began April 1, 2011. (full text)

March 30, 2011
CBC Scholars Judge at the CPS Student Science Fair
Nine CBC Scholars volunteered as judges at the 61st Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Student Science Fair (SSF) held on March 24-27, 2011 at the Museum of Science and Industry. (full text)

February 28, 2011
CBC Invites New Catalyst Award Applications
The CBC’s Catalyst Award program offers funding of up to $200K for one- or two-year new inter-institutional collaborative research projects. Spring 2011 Round online submission is NOW OPEN. Submission deadline: March 9, 2011. (Catalyst RFA)

February 9, 2011
Renewal of CBC Funding (2011-2015)
The Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust (CCT) has renewed its funding commitment to the CBC. “The Searle family is very pleased with the innovations the CBC has introduced to Chicago and the scientific community during the past five years, “ said Karie Thomson, a member of the Searle family and a consultant to the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust. “It makes sense to continue this collaborative work that is central to furthering Chicago’s prominence as a leader in biomedical sciences and offers much hope for scientific advancements. We look forward to seeing what the next five years uncover.” (full text)

February 14, 2011
The Ribosomal Tunnel: who’s talking?
A recent study from the 2009 CBC Spark Award co-recipient Alexander S. Mankin entitiled, Nascent Peptide in the Ribosome Exit Tunnel Affects Functional Properties of the A-Site of the Peptidyl Transferase Center, was published in the February 4, 2011, volume of Molecular Cell. A member of the first class of CBC Scholars, Haripriya Ramu, is the first author of the manuscript. (full text)

February 10, 2011
Volume 4, February 2010
The fall of 2010 was a very productive time for the CBC and we are pleased to share many of these activities with you in our Winter Newsletter. We are delighted to report the renewal of the CBC’s Funding by the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust for 2011-2015. As the CBC celebrates its fifth anniversary, we are proud to announce that over 200 publications have resulted from CBC funded research, and 40 grants totaling over $118 million have been awarded as a result of CBC funding. ▸ Read more

January 24, 2011
Welcoming Lunch for the New Class of CBC Scholars
The Class of 2011 CBC Scholars and the inaugural class of 2010 Scholars met over a lunch hosted by the CBC on January 14, 2011. (full text)

December 15, 2010; updated January 18, 2011
CBC Announces 2010 Fall Round Catalyst Awards
» Amittha Wickrema, PhD, University of Chicago and Hongmei Jiang, PhD, NU for project: Uncovering Early Genetic Aberrations in Myelodysplastic Syndromes
» Steven T. Rosen, MD, NU and Fotini Gounari PhD, UChicago for project: The molecular basis of genomic instability: A genome wide approach

January 13, 2011
In the Spirit of the CBC – Chicago Innovation Mentors
The recently launched Chicago Innovation Mentors (CIM) is a new multi-institution initiative that encourages and cultivates university technology commercialization by matching experienced entrepreneurs, executives and domain experts with innovating faculty. CIM will initially support biomedical opportunities from the University of Chicago, Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, in collaboration with the iBIO Institute. For the full article, click here.