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May 7, 2019  |  Jola Glotzer

Proteoforms explained

A recent review in Proteomics, co-authored by a CBC Senior Investigator and proteomics expert, Neil Kelleher, NU

Neil Kelleher, Northwestern

Congratulations to Neil Kelleher and his team, NU, for their recent publication in Proteomics, “Identification and Quantification of Proteoforms by Mass Spectrometry.” The review is an excellent introduction to the field, so if you ever wondered what the difference is between the top-down and top-up proteomic analysis, this is your chance to find out. Proteoforms and their families are also explained, and finally the paper discusses the remaining challenges in the field.

Kelleher’s many ties to CBC include his recruitment to NU in 2010 with help from the CBC Recruitment Resources Award. Hence his recognition as a CBC Senior Investigator. Kelleher’s other CBC awards and community contributions are listed below the article. The CBC is proud to have played a role in Kelleher’s recruitment and to have helped support his research over the years.

Publication linked to CBC funding*:

Schaffer LV, Millikin RJ, Miller RM, Anderson LC, Fellers RT, Ge Y, Kelleher NL, LeDuc RD, Liu X, Payne SH, Sun L, Thomas PM, Tucholski T, Wang Z, Wu S, Wu Z, Yu D, Shortreed MR, Smith LM. Identification and Quantification of Proteoforms by Mass Spectrometry. Review. Proteomics. First published: 03 May 2019. (


A proteoform is a defined form of a protein derived from a given gene with a specific amino acid sequence and localized post‐translational modifications. In top‐down proteomic analyses, proteoforms are identified and quantified through mass spectrometric analysis of intact proteins. Recent technological developments have enabled comprehensive proteoform analyses in complex samples, and an increasing number of laboratories are adopting top‐down proteomic workflows. In this review, we outline some recent advances and discuss current challenges and future directions for the field.

The sources of variation resulting in different proteoforms. Different proteoforms arising from the same gene make up a proteoform family. (Source: Proteomics.)

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Neil Kelleher, NU


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